The Map of Love

Cyhoeddwyd The Map of Love, casgliad o farddoniaeth a rhyddiaith, ar 24 Awst 1939, ond taflwyd derbyniad y llyfr i’r cysgod yn llwyr gan ddechrau’r rhyfel.

Cafwyd adolygiadau cymysg ohono, ond enillodd glod gan Herbert Read a ysgrifennodd yn Seven: “It is mainly a poetry of the elemental physical experience: birth, copulation, death …. A unique book … It contains the most absolute poetry that has ever been written in our time, and one can only pray that this poet will not be forced in any way to surrender the subtle course of his genius.” Cyhoeddwyd y cerddi yn y Collected Poems, a’r straeon yn y Collected Stories.


  • Because the pleasure-bird whistles
  • I make this in a warring absence
  • When all my five and country senses
  • We lying by seasand
  • It is the sinners’ dust-tongued bell
  • make me a mask
  • The spire cranes
  • After the funeral
  • Once it was the colour of saying
  • Not from this anger
  • How shall my animal
  • The tombstone told
  • On no work of words
  • A saint about to fall
  • If my head hurt a hair’s foot
  • Twenty-four years


  • The Tree
  • The Enemies
  • The Dress
  • The Visitor
  • The Orchards
  • The Mouse and the Woman
  • The Map of Love

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