Love the words and the photos

Love the words and the photos

14/07/2015 - 31/07/2015
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Swansea Grand Theatre

The Dylan Thomas Centre has been working with the Welsh Centre for Action on Dependency and Addiction to offer a number of individuals whose lives have been harmed by drug or alchohol misuse the oppprtunity to create personal photos inspired by the words of Dylan Thomas.

This fascinating exhibitions reveals parts of the city that many of us take for granted, looking at the detail adorning the tops of buildings, as the group learned to love the words and the photos.

Using some quotes from Dylan’s poetry as a staring point the participants traced his footsteps, walking the same streets he once tred in Swansea, to capture photos that tell intimate stories of contemporary life in the city.

The participants were stimulated by Dylan’s words, such as his description of Swansea as “…an ugly lovely town…..crawling, sprawling…by the side of a long a splendid curving shore. The sea town was my world.’’  They then walked out around the city centre, taking care to look up and note the buildings that were about in Dylan’s day.

You have to look carefully, but it’s surprising what survived the Three Night’s Blitz during World War Two, which noteably provides the backdrop to Dylan’s A Return Journey.

Elephants, lions, dragons and cherubs adorn many of these old buildings, most of which are 19th century. There is an interesting art deco building on High Street in this set which has elephants hidden in the pale blue ornate work.

These and many other photos the group took as they explored Dylan’s work, the city and their own creativity are on display at the White Room in the Grand Theatre Arts Wing, 14th – 31st July.