Swansea City Centre

What Swansea residents and visitors see today is a vastly different Swansea from the one in which Dylan Thomas grew up. Even during his lifetime, the German Luftwaffe’s Three Nights Blitz had bombed the heart out of the city, leaving the desolate picture Dylan described so movingly in his radio piece Return Journey (first broadcast in 1947).

Since then, re-development has further altered the cityscape – Dylan’s ‘ugly, lovely town’ is now a city. However, this city still contains a wealth of solid and tangible relics, remains and reminders of Dylan’s Swansea to be discovered. A true impression of the wonderful pre-war architecture is still much in evidence.

A wander through Swansea even today gives more than a hint of Dylan’s Swansea where he grew up, worked and played. Enjoy yourself as you meander through the greatest influence on the greatest of Poets.

The Swansea City Centre Trail will be published online soon.

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