Dylan’s Life – early years

The early years of Dylan’s life.


December 8: Caitlin Macnamara born in Hammersmith, London

“”I was born in a large Welsh industrial town at the beginning of the Great War: an ugly, lovely town (or so it was, and is, to me)”
Return Journey”


October 27: Dylan Marlais Thomas born at 5 Cwmdonkin Drive, Uplands, Swansea. His father, David John (D.J.) Thomas was Senior English Master at Swansea Grammar School.

The families of both D.J. and his wife Florence came from Carmarthenshire, and they were fluent Welsh speakers. However, D.J. and Florrie followed the convention of the time and did not bring up Dylan and his older sister Nancy Marles Thomas to speak Welsh.


September: Dylan leaves Mrs Hole’s ‘Dame School’ in Mirador Crescent, just round the corner from Cwmdonkin Drive, and enters Swansea Grammar School.

“‘I see that Mr Thomas … has been straining his eyesight. But it isn’t over his homework, is it, gentlemen?’
The Fight”

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