‘Holiday Memory’ Pairs Game

‘Holiday Memory’ Pairs Game

Do you have an excellent memory? It’s time to test it out with our Dylan-themed Holiday Memory game. We have created 12 pairs of cards which each feature a picture of something from Dylan’s lively radio broadcast about a hot August day on a Swansea beach.

Step 1

Print off two copies of the two sheets of images, on either A4 paper or a light card (you can also glue the images to card separately if you prefer).

Download the cards

Step 2

If you want to add some extra craftiness to your day, colour them in! Or you’re welcome to leave them blank if you’re eager to play.

Step 3

Cut around the dotted lines to create a set of 24 cards.

How to play:

Simply shuffle the cards and place them on a table or firm surface, face down. You can organise them in rows OR you can have them in a jumble – but every single card needs its own space and mustn’t be touching any of its neighbours.

When you are ready, decide who will start first. Each player turns over two cards for all to see. If the cards match, then that player gets to keep them and remove them from play. If they don’t, the cards get turned back so that they are face down – but everyone needs to try to remember what they saw in order to do well on their own turn.

The game ends when all the cards have been removed from play in their relevant pairs. The winning player is the one with the most cards. Have fun!

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