‘Here in this spring’ Activity: Write and Decorate a Letter

‘Here in this spring’ Activity: Write and Decorate a Letter

Dylan Thomas loved to write letters. One of his first known letters was written to his older sister, Nancy, when he was about 11 years old, and it was the first of hundreds he wrote throughout his life. Most of his letters are published in his Collected Letters, and it’s over 1000 pages long!

Today we don’t write letters to each other nearly as much, but everyone loves getting something exciting in the post! While we’re at home this Easter, it’s a great opportunity to make someone smile by creating something especially for them. Why not create some beautiful decorated writing paper, and then write a message for someone special? Imagine how happy they’ll be when they open it!

We’ll be busy at home making decorated letters this week, and we’ll be theming our writing paper to Dylan’s poem, ‘Here in this spring’. Here are some different lines and images from it to inspire you:

‘Here in this spring, stars float along the void’

‘I should tell summer from the trees’

‘I should learn spring by the cuckooing,
And the slug should teach me destruction’

‘A worm tells summer better than the clock,
The slug’s a living calendar of days’

We’ve used coloured paper, tissue paper, coloured pens and pencils, washi tape and craft punches for ours, and the great thing is that you can use whatever you have in the house. Something simple with coloured paper and pencils can be just as effective as an elaborately decorated letter.

Here are some letters other people have created to give you some ideas-

This is the perfect activity to do while you’re at home, so let’s get creative and brighten someone’s day with a letter. Who will you write to?

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