Dylan Thomas – The Filmscripts

Dylan Thomas – The Filmscripts, edited by John Ackerman (London: Dent, 1995)

Dylan Thomas loved going to the cinema from a young age. He wrote an essay entitled ‘The Films’ for Swansea Grammar School Magazine as a teenager, and near the end of his life appeared at a symposium in New York on ‘Poetry and the Film’.

Most of his film work was undertaken during the war for Strand Films; colleagues included Graham Greene, Philip Lindsay and Julian Maclaren-Ross. He was employed full time, writing many scripts for propaganda documentary films, others (such as Rebecca’s Daughters, filmed by Karl Francis in the 1990s) were historical and political dramas.

John Ackerman comprehensively introduces the book as a whole, and each film individually.

  • The Films
  • This is Colour
  • New Towns for Old
  • Balloon Site 568
  • CEMA
  • Young Farmers
  • Wales – Green Mountain, Black Mountain
  • Battle for Freedom
  • These are the Men
  • Conquest of a Germ
  • The Unconquerable People
  • Our Country
  • Fuel for Battle
  • A City Re-Born
  • A Soldier Comes Home
  • The Doctor and the Devils
  • Twenty Years A-Growing
  • Betty London
  • The Shadowless Man
  • The Three Weird Sisters
  • No Room at the Inn
  • The Beach of Falesa
  • Me and My Bike
  • Rebecca’s Daughters
  • Poetry and the Film: A Symposium

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