Dylan Thomas – Collected Stories

Dylan Thomas – Collected Stories, edited by Walford Davies, introduced by Leslie Norris (London: Phoenix, 2000)
Dylan wrote short stories from a young age. Many were published in periodicals and others broadcast on the radio. Some of his early, more surreal stories (which show the influence of Caradoc Evans’ infamous collection of short stories My People) were published in The Map of Love in 1939.

His best known volume, the semi-autobiographical Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog, was issued in 1940. The Collected Stories gather these together with fragments of Dylan’s unfinished novel, Adventures in the Skin Trade, and other pieces, including A Child’s Christmas in Wales and Return Journey.

  • After the Fair
  • The Tree
  • The True Story
  • The Enemies
  • The Dress
  • The Visitors
  • The Vest
  • The Burning Baby
  • The Orchards
  • The End of the River
  • The Lemon
  • The Horse’s Ha
  • The School for Witches
  • The Mouse and the Woman
  • A Prospect of the Sea
  • The Holy Six
  • Prologue to an Adventure
  • The Map of Love
  • In the Direction of the Beginning
  • An Adventure from a Work in Progress

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog

  • The Peaches
  • A Visit to Grandpa’s
  • Patricia, Edith and Arnold
  • The Fight
  • Extraordinary Little Cough
  • Just Like Little Dogs
  • Where Tawe Flows
  • Who Do You Wish Was With Us?
  • Old Garbo
  • One Warm Saturday

Adventures in the Skin Trade

  • A Fine Beginning
  • Plenty of Furniture
  • Four Lost Souls
  • Quite Early One Morning
  • A Child’s Christmas in Wales
  • Holiday Memory
  • The Crumbs of One Man’s Year
  • Return Journey
  • The Followers
  • A Story (also known as The Outing)

Appendix: Early Stories

  • Brember
  • Jarley’s
  • In the Garden
  • Gaspar, Melchior, Balthasar

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