Writing that love poem: a workshop for adults

Writing that love poem: a workshop for adults

10:30 am - 1:00 pm

Dylan Thomas Centre

Maybe it’s something you always meant to write, and never found a way, a language, a tone.  Maybe you weren’t emotionally ready to write it. Whatever your difficulties, Steve Griffiths will explore some ways into a place where you can write a love poem.

It might be a celebration of a long life together – or a one-night stand. A poem of excited anticipation. It might be an unlove poem, a howl, an angry poem, a poem of loss or desertion. Or of understanding dawning – why it just didn’t work out (‘We’re just one too many mornings / and a thousand miles behind’ – Bob Dylan) – or why and how, dammit, it just did!  In a short workshop, you won’t get a finished result unless you’re very lucky or in the zone. But we’ll work on getting a start, an impetus, so maybe in the afternoon or the next morning you’ll have travelled a long way to writing the thing you never thought you were going to. And perhaps, a gift to your love.

Steve Griffiths was born in Ynys Môn in 1949, and now lives in Ludlow. He has published seven collections of poems and his Late Love Poems are celebrations and meditations, poems of playfulness and tragedy, loss and recovery.  He was awarded an Arts Council England grant in 2015 to create 30 short films of performances of the poems.  They can be accessed through www.latelovepoems.com


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