Professor John Goodby discusses his new edition of Dylan Thomas’ Collected Poems

7:30 pm

Dylan Thomas Centre

This is the first edition of the Collected Poems since 1988. Unlike any edition since 1971, it includes poems from the notebooks, Dylan’s Letters, uncollected journal poems, and from short stories. In addition, it also includes the verse film script Our Country and the songs and lyrics from Under Milk Wood; there is even the newly-discovered ‘Song’, authenticated by John Goodby and read by Tom Hollander on Newsnight in June this year. As well as placing the poems in chronological order, so that Dylan Thomas’s poetic development can be fully understood, this edition includes unprecedentedly full notes for every poem, and appendices, by way of expanding the appeal of the poems beyond the usual half-dozen anthology favourites. The edition is prefaced by a sparkling and accessible Introduction that gives readers a handle on Thomas’s style and subject-matter.

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Swansea PTL £1.60

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