Pamela Hansford Johnson

Pamela Hansford Johnson

7:30 pm

Dylan Thomas Centre

Pamela Hansford Johnson & Dylan Thomas

Pamela Hansford Johnson: Her Life, Works and Times, the first biography of Dylan Thomas’s first serious girlfriend, is being published in October by Shepheard-Walwyn. The author, Wendy Pollard, together with Pamela’s daughter, Lindsay Avebury, will be discussing Pamela’s start on the ladder of literary fame – the poem published as the winner of a competition in a Sunday newspaper – the famous correspondence between her and Dylan when he was the recipient of the same prize, and their subsequent relationship, from Pamela’s perspective.


Pamela Hansford Johnson went on to become a renowned writer, broadcaster and critic. Although she rarely wrote novels with autobiographical content, the central characters in her novel, The Survival of the Fittest (1968), strongly resemble herself and Dylan, and caused some controversy in Wales upon publication.


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