‘Lunch at Mussolini’s’: Ethel Ross and Dylan Thomas

‘Lunch at Mussolini’s’: Ethel Ross and Dylan Thomas

09/11/2015 - 17/04/2016
10:00 am

Dylan Thomas Centre

ethel-300Temporary Exhibition from 9 November

Following Dylan Thomas’ death in 1953, Ethel Ross, the sister in law of Alfred Janes, took a series of photographs of Dylan’s Swansea, and captioned them with an appropriate quote from his work. Ethel, a stalwart of the Little Theatre Company, knew Dylan and his circle, including the composer Daniel Jones and poet Vernon Watkins.

This exhibition includes a selection of Ethel’s photos and her captions, and we display for the first time Dylan’s typescript for his sketch ‘Lunch at Mussolini’s’, which he gave Ethel in the early 1930s for performance by the Little Theatre Co. Also shown is a drawing of Ethel Ross by Alfred Janes, kindly loaned by their family.