Extraordinary Little Cough

Extraordinary Little Cough

4:00 pm

National Trust Shop and Visitor Centre, Rhossili

In the 1920s, Dylan Thomas and a gang of friends hitched lifts from Swansea Town to the far-off wilds of western Gower. They were going camping for a fortnight in Rhossili… Little did they know, that when they got there, there would be luscious ladies, beastly bullies and problems aplenty.

This amazing trip was immortalised a year later by Dylan when he wrote a short story for A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog; a story about his mild-mannered friend called George Hooping, a short story that he called Extraordinary Little Cough.  Swansea’s Lighthouse Theatre bring their unique story-telling style to the National Trust by recreating the experience of Dylan on a walk along the cliffs to the Coastguard Lookout.

£5 per adult – £3 per child +5% booking fee. Price includes tea and cake.

Tickets available from www.nationaltrust.org.uk/gower or booking office 0844 249 1895, open Mon-Fri 9am – 5.30pm & Sat-Sun 9am – 4pm.  Booking essential.