Creative Writing Workshop for Adults: Eat Live Write with Lynne Rees

10:00 am - 12:15 pm

Dylan Thomas Centre

Hungry-300When we write about food we are writing about so much more. We are writing about childhood, family and friends, about loss and celebration, about the places we have loved. We are writing about our hungers in their most profound and distinctive guises.

Join Lynne for an informal and innovative workshop, suitable for prose writers and poets, to explore where your food stories, the tastes and flavours of life, might lead you.

Lynne Rees is a novelist, poet and editor and the author of Real Port Talbot (Seren 2013). She began blogging in 2010 about food, life and writing: her Welsh childhood memories, living in France, travelling between Wales and Kent, restaurant visits, books, poems and personal reflections. the hungry writer (Cultured Llama) is a simmered reduction of the first five years of the blog’s life and includes a clutch of personal recipes and photographs as well as 365 writing prompts for other hungry writers.


  • Full Price £5
  • Concessions £3.50
  • Swansea PTL £2

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