Alan Bilton Book Launch: The Known and Unknown Sea

Alan Bilton Book Launch: The Known and Unknown Sea

7:00 pm

Dylan Thomas Centre

Rumour and suspicion engulf an eerily fog-bound seaside town as its residents begin to receive tickets promising passage across the mist-shrouded bay to the mysterious ‘other side’. For Alex and his family, this seems like the beginning of a great adventure, but as reports of a shadowy, half-glimpsed ship start to circulate, so too does the gossip and anxious speculation. Why have some been selected and not others? Who are the employees of the enigmatic White Star Shipping Company? And what ultimately awaits the passengers as they pass over to the spectral and unseen other side?

A haunting and comic fable from the author of The Sleepwalkers’ BallThe Known and Unknown Sea is a beautiful and heartbreaking journey through memory, loss and imagination.

Free entry and wine in association with Cillian Press