Twenty-Five Poems (1936)

Published two years after his first collection, Dylan again mined his notebooks for Twenty-Five Poems.

The first proof Dylan sent to Dent’s as a manuscript was entitled Twenty-Three Poems, and other proposed titles included Poems in Sequence and Poems in Progress. The first 750 copies sold quickly and three more impressions were produced, making it one of the most successful poetry books of the 1930s.

All these poems are included in the current edition of Dylan Thomas’ Collected Poems.

  • I, in my intricate image
  • This bread I break
  • Incarnate devil
  • Today, this insect
  • The seed-at-zero
  • Shall gods be said
  • Here in this spring
  • Do you not father me
  • Out of the sighs
  • Hold hard, these ancient minutes
  • Was there a time
  • Now
  • Why east wind chills
  • A grief ago
  • How soon the servant sun
  • Ears in the turrets hear
  • Foster the light
  • The hand that signed the paper
  • Should lanterns shine
  • I have longed to move away
  • Find meat on bones
  • Grief thief of time
  • And death shall have no dominion
  • Then was my neophyte
  • Altarwise by owl-light

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