Collected Poems 1934 – 1953

Dylan Thomas – Collected Poems. Edited by Walford Davies and Ralph Maud (London: Phoenix, 2003.)

This is currently the definitive edition of Dylan Thomas’ poetry published in his lifetime (it does not include the Notebook Poems, which are available separately), and contains all the poems from his published collections, plus those later poems published in America as In Country Sleep and Other Poems.

There is a comprehensive notes section at the back of the book.

“And I rose
In rainy autumn
And walked abroad in a shower of all my days”
Poem in October

  • I see the boys of summer
  • Where once the twilight locks
  • A process in the weather of the heart
  • Before I knocked
  • The force that through the green fuse
  • My hero bares his nerves
  • Where once the waters of your face
  • If I were tickled by the rub of love
  • Our eunuch dreams
  • Especially when the October wind
  • When, like a running grave
  • From love’s first fever
  • In the beginning
  • Light breaks where no sun shines
  • I fellowed sleep
  • I dreamed my genesis
  • My world is pyramid
  • All all and all
  • I, in my intricate image
  • This bread I break
  • Incarnate devil
  • Today, this insect
  • The seed-at-zero
  • Shall gods be said
  • Here in this spring
  • Do you not father me
  • Out of the sighs
  • Hold hard, these ancient minutes
  • Was there a time
  • Now
  • Why east wind chills
  • A grief ago
  • How soon the servant sun
  • Ears in the turrets hear
  • Foster the light
  • The hand that signed the paper
  • Should lanterns shine
  • I have longed to move away
  • Find meat on bones
  • Grief thief of time
  • And death shall have no dominion
  • Then was my neophyte
  • Altarwise by owl-light
  • Because the pleasure-bird whistles
  • I make this in a warring absence
  • When all my five and country senses
  • We lying by seasand
  • It is the sinners’ dust-tongued bell
  • O make me a mask
  • The spire cranes
  • After the funeral
  • Once it was the colour of saying
  • Not from this anger
  • How shall my animal
  • The tombstone told

“To take to give is all, return what is hungrily given
Puffing the pounds of manna up through the dew to heaven,
The lovely gift of the gab bangs back on a blind shaft.”
‘On no work of words’

  • On no work of words
  • A saint about to fall
  • If my head hurt a hair’s foot
  • Twenty-four years
  • The conversation of prayers
  • A Refusal to Mourn the Death, by Fire, of a Child in London
  • Poem in October
  • This side of the truth
  • To Others than You
  • Love in the Asylum
  • Unluckily for a death
  • The hunchback in the park
  • Into her lying down head
  • Paper and sticks
  • Deaths and Entrances
  • A Winter’s Tale
  • On a Wedding Anniversary
  • There was a saviour
  • On the Marriage of a Virgin
  • In my craft or sullen art
  • Ceremony After a Fire Raid
  • Once below a time
  • When I woke
  • Among those Killed in the Dawn Raid was a Man Aged a Hundred
  • Lie still, sleep becalmed
  • Vision and Prayer
  • Ballad of the Long-legged Bait
  • Holy Spring
  • Fern Hill
  • In Country Sleep
  • Over Sir John’s hill
  • Poem on his Birthday
  • Do not go gentle into that good night
  • Lament
  • In the White Giant’s Thigh
  • In Country Heaven
  • Elegy

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