Uplands Crescent

“A square, a handful of shops and a pub”.

This was how Dylan described Uplands in a letter to a friend in London. In the early part of the century the area was the hub of this busy suburb and it is still busy today.

Walking to school, Dylan and his pals would pass a row of small shops which by some bizarre co-incidence were all named with different colours – Mr. Gray the newsagent, Mr. Green the sweet shop, Mr. Black the cobbler and a Whites shoe shop.

Dylan, always the joker, convinced his pals that your name had to be a colour for you to open a shop in the Uplands.

Dylan never forgot his early days spent in this area and would later write nostalgically to his old school friend, Daniel Jones, of wanting to….”go back to the Uplands….and found there, for good and for all, a permanent colony: living there until we are old gentlemen, with occasional visits to London and Paris, we shall lead the lives of small-town anti-society….”

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