Mirador Crescent

At number 22, Mirador Crescent, Dylan first went to school, attending a small private dame school run by Mrs. Hole.

Dylan remembers it fondly,

“…..never was there such a dame-school as ours: so firm and kind and smelling of goloshes [sic], with the sweet and fumbled music of the piano lessons drifting down from the upstairs to the lonely schoolroom where only the sometimes tearful wicked sat over undone sums or to repent a little crime, the pulling of a girl’s hair during geography, the sly shin-kick under the table during prayers.”

His own antics he describes in ‘Return Journey’ –

“…..Who made the worst raffia doilies? Who put water in Joyce’s galoshes?”

Behind the school ran a small lane – Mirador Lane, which Dylan also recalls…. “Behind the school was a narrow lane where the oldest and boldest threw pebbles at windows, scuffed and boasted, lied about their relations…..’My father’s the richest man in Swansea’ – My father’s the richest man in the World’….”

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