Bracelet Bay

Carry on along the front towards the pier, (about half-a-mile from Oystermouth Square) which Dylan describes in ‘Reminiscences of Childhood’ as ‘gaunt….with….its skeleton legs’, and then another half-mile or so to Bracelet Bay and the Mumbles Lighthouse. You can walk, but the road is narrow and twisting, so it is advisable to reclaim your car and park again in the large car park on your left just past a sharp bend. You will see an unusual café at the entrance here – ‘The Big Apple’ made from a large round buoy!

In his autobiographical short story ‘Old Garbo’, young Dylan fantasises about taking a barmaid out to the dunes where, ‘….couples lay loving under their coats and looking at the Mumbles Lighthouse’.

Mumbles was the first of many coastal villages that Dylan was to visit and enjoy. He carried the memories of all these places with him and later they would all contribute and amalgamate into the imaginary village of ‘Llareggub’ – try spelling this backwards – the setting of his last major work.

Retrace your steps, up Newton Road……..