Beatles’ Sgt Pepper’s Album Cover

sgt peppers album coverSigned album cover for the Beatles’ Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, released on 1 June, 1967, and produced by Sir George Martin.

The cover was designed by Peter Blake, and was given to Jeff Towns, before its purchase by the Dylan Thomas Centre. It is autographed “For Jeff – Peter Blake – Nov 8th 1994”.

Dylan Thomas’ appearance on the cover was the choice of John Lennon. In The Beatles Anthology, Paul McCartney stated: “I am sure that the main influence on both [Bob] Dylan and John [Lennon] was Dylan Thomas. That’s why Bob’s not Bob Zimmerman – his real name. We all used to like Dylan Thomas. I read him a lot. I think that John started writing because of him.”

Sir George Martin went on to produce his own version of Under Milk Wood, and Peter Blake is producing a series of woodcuts based on characters from Milk Wood.

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