Are you a Milk Wood Master?

Are you a Milk Wood Master?

Happy #DylanDay! Today we’re celebrating the first full stage reading of Under Milk Wood which took place on this day 67 years ago. 

Throughout the day we’ve been testing your knowledge of Dylan’s famous radio play with our Under Milk Wood quiz – are you a Milk Wood Master?

Here are the answers!…

1. What is Jack Black’s profession?

2. What is Evans, the undertaker’s, nick-name?
Evans the Death

3. Which character is obsessed with cleaning?
Mrs Ogmore-Pritchard

4. And who must wipe their shoes before coming into this clean character’s home?
The sun

5. Name the famous Reverend in Under Milk Wood
Rev. Eli Jenkins

6. Name the main street that runs through the town
Coronation Street

7. Who pulls the townhall bellrope to wake the dreamers?
Captain Cat

8. Who is Mrs Beynon’s daughter?
Gossamer Beynon

9. How does Lily Smalls wear her dress when she washes the front step?
Tucked in her bloomers

10. For what activity does Mrs Pugh think that Polly Garter might be arrested?
For having babies

11. How old is Mary-Ann Sailors?
Eighty-five three months and a day!

12. Who is up to no good in the washhouse?
Nogood Boyo

13. What are the two things that grow in Polly Garter’s garden?
Washing and babies

14. What song does Cherry Owen sing when he’s drunk?

15. What time is it – always – at the Sailors Arms?
Half past eleven

16. Who is the barking boy at the local school?
Billy Swansea

17. Who has two wives?
Dai Bread

18. Who is it that Polly Garter loved the best?
Little Willy Wee

19. What book is Mr Pugh reading?
Lives of the Great Poisoners

20. Why is the name of the town, Llareggub, a joke?
It spells ‘bugger all’, backwards!

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