Half-term Hijinks and Dylan Vs Fungi Man

We’ve had a lovely time at the Dylan Thomas Centre this half term, with the Learning Space open all week for workshops and self-led activities. The central theme of this week has been ‘Dylan’s Travel’s’ with opportunities to get creative by designing maps, postcards, stories and, of course, dressing up.

Not wanting us to miss out on the fun, one of our participants, Henry (aged 9), pulled up a chair by the reception desk and set us to work helping him to design a treasure map, complete with emoji filled treasure chests and villains. Naturally, this started us thinking about different sorts of heroes and their rivals… and thus Fungi Man was born (or should that be spored).

You see, Fungi Man is very jealous of Dylan Thomas’ success. He wants to destroy his writing space and turn it into a giant compost heap. But how? Well, taking advantage of the fact Dylan liked taking long baths, Fungi Man plans to suck up all the bathwater with his super absorbent cap, and, while Dylan is helpless and stranded, fill the room with toadstools. Unfortunately for Fungi Man, Dylan enjoyed eating pickled onions in the bath and Fungi Man is allergic to pickling juice. One carefully aimed throw of a jar from Dylan and his foe’s scheme will be thwarted.

As you can imagine, none of us will ever look at mushrooms in the same way again!

Henry has told us we need to come up with some more heroes by the next holiday, so, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to my Dylan’s Collected Poems now, to get some more inspiration!


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